Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dear Members,
We want to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know what's ahead this year for Platinum Travel Club and our
valued Members. We are planning to make 2007 to our Best Year ever!
It is very important that you read this entire email.
First, we will be launching the new Platinum Travel Center product line the first week of February 2007.

This will be a first class, private access, single source Travel Center with full concierge customer support.

As a Platinum Member, in addition to your Business Center Matrix earnings, you may earn monthly commissions
on all your customers' travel purchases, and rebates on your own travel booked through your center. We know you
will be very proud of your new PTC Travel Center products.

Here's a preview of the selection and variety of travel services and products which can be included in the Travel Centers, based on the level purchased by you and your customers:
Real Time Booking Engines for the lowest pricing available on the internet for:
Flights, Car Rental, Hotels, Cruises, Condos by the week or by the day, B&Bs, Private Residences, Resorts, Villas,
Golf T-Times, and more - all from one location - your private access Travel Center.

Additionally, there will be special themed discount vacation packages (golf, skiing, tennis, etc.), special access and
steep discounts on golf, spas and adventures like white water rafting, dining, hotels, entertainment parks and much more. With significant discounts at over 180,000 merchants, many more specifics and special services will be announced
at Launch.

The Travel Center will be a well organized, first class private access travel center packed full of value, saving you,
your family, friends and customers on all of their entertainment and travel purchases. Similar private access membership services are sold for $2,000 - $11,000 in first year annual membership fees.

For the next few months, we will focus on establishing and enhancing the Member and Consumer Travel Centers and our
concierge service. Once the Travel Center products are well established, we will expand the product to include the B2B
program with all the marketing and sales materials in place.
Second, we are officially launching our PTC 90 Day Success Blitz on Monday, January 22nd!

We have free quality network marketing leads, a new recruiting website, training, success mentoring, and a team of dynamic leaders to assist you to build the foundation to make 2007 the most financially lucrative year of your life!

PTC is committed to offering you the tools and support to build a lucrative home based business this year. If you are
ready, willing and able to roll up your sleeves and build a part time or full time business, we are ready to provide you with the free leads, scripts, training and leadership team to assist you in reaching your goals. You will have a team of leaders available for three way conversations with your prospects.
If this is YOU, immediately send an email with your name, CS#, phone and current email address to and we will match you up with your leader and team. As a current member of PTC, all you need to participate is your
commitment to your success.
We are immediately discontinuing the Tour Guide Program and live presentation calls and replacing them with leads, tools, training, mentoring and leadership programs.

Beginning now and continuing to the end of February, we will waive the $250 Marketing System License Fee* for new Members.
The only cost of membership until the end of February will be the vacation packages or the new Travel Center purchased at one, two or all three levels ($300, $1250, $3000) and any Speedy Wallet fees involved in funding their Speedy Wallets. If the new Member selects the new 11 Day Cruise Package, the price will be absent the $250 Marketing System License - $3500 which includes the 11 Day Caribbean Cruise with an oceanview room, all costs except travel to Ft. Lauderdale and a small (approximately $50 per person) departure tax. This package also includes participation on the $300 and $1250 Business Center Matrices. Our special PTC pricing on
this package is good on all 2007 Cruises.
*Note - While the Marketing System Fee is waived, so will the Fast Start Bonus be waived.
If you are serious about a successful home based business and willing to apply yourself, we have the products,
systems, leads, tools, training and handson support and leadership to get you to your goals.
We repeat - As a current member of PTC, all you need to participate is your commitment to your success. Just step up, let us know who you are and we will get you
on your 90 Day Success Blitz. Send an email with your name, CS#, current phone number and email to
Third, on February 1st we will be enhancing our Compensation Plan to deliver faster cashflow to recruiting members, and compressing the matrices to greatly enhance the results for recruiting, active members.

The criteria for Member positions being compressed is as follows:
If you joined PTC prior to July 1, 2006 and have not sponsored a new member since July 1st or if you have not purchased** an Upgraded Level, your position will be compressed off the Business Center Matrices.
** Note - Purchased upgrade only, not upgraded through cycling from a lower level.

If you participate in the 90 Day Success Blitz and recruit a new Member or purchase an upgrade Level, you will retain your active position on the Business Center Matrices.
If your position is compressed, the only requirement to being reinstated on the Business Center Matrices is to recruit. If you sponsor a new Member, you will be immediately placed on the appropriate Matrix ahead of that new member. Example: Let's say after the compression, a member is inactive, but they were originally on the $300 and $1250 Matrices. If they recruit a new Member who joins at the $300 Level, they will be reinstated on the $300 Business Center Matrix ahead of the new Member and following
their upline who is on the Matrix. If the new Member joins at the $1250 Level as well, the same reinstatement would immediately occur on the $1250 Level in addition to the $300. If the new Member joins at all three levels, the Sponsoring Member will also be given the opportunity to upgrade to the additional Level(s) prior to the new Member being placed.

If you have any questions, please attend the Member Q&A
It is our most sincere wish that 2007 be your Best Year ever. We are committed to your success and prosperity!
all our best,
Deborah Smith & Lloyd Wilson
P.S. Stay Tuned to your back office for the new Training Calls Schedule - their will be live and recorded Training Calls on the PTC Comp Plan, Sales Training, Signing Up New Members, and using your Back Office beginning January 22nd.

The regular Member Q&A Call will be every Thursday night at 9:30 EST

Friday, December 15, 2006

Announcing New PTC Vacation Packages!

New $300, $1250 and $3,000 Vacation Packages
The 11 Day Caribbean Cruise
Special PTC Member Package

New Member Price: $3,750 US
(Minimum Retail Value $8,500 US)
NOTE: Pricing is good through December 31, 2006
11 Night Caribbean Cruise Vacation Package on one of two new Italian Cruise Ships (Opera or Lirica) for two adults.

The Price includes -
Standard outside cabin with ocean view.
All port charges included. Additional fee of $51-$59 US Tax per person payable at cruise departure. Additional 3rd or 4th person in the same cabin
$495 US each.

The World is Yours Member Club Vacation Package
8 days & 7 nights luxury condominium accommodations

The Ultimate Holiday Passport
Member Club Vacation Package

Full Access to the new Platinum Club Vacations Member Travel Center coming in January 2007.

PTC Marketing System

Placement on Sponsor's 300 & 1250 Matrices

Current Member 11 Day Cruise Package Pricing:

If you are at the $300 Level - $3,200
Upgrades you to the $1250 Level
Plus The 11 Day Caribbean Cruise
Plus A Holiday Passort

If you are at the $300 & the $1250 Levels - $1950
(also if you are at the $3,000 Level)
You receive the 11 Day Caribbean Cruise and
A Holiday Passport

Check out all the new PTC Vacation Packages
on the Member Vacations webpage at

The PTC full service Member Travel Center and B2B Products will arrive early 2007!

Are you ready to save up to 50% at over 20,000 hotels worldwide?

How about 50% off Greens Fees at golf courses in the U.S., Canada and many other countries?

You'll be able to access fantastic discounts on car rentals, recreation, condo weeks, golf, skiing, dining and even movies at locations all over the world!

Stay tuned for more info on The PTC Full Service Member Exclusive Travel Center!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

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Friday, June 02, 2006

PTC Update June 2, 2006

Live Support will be conducting the Member Q&A Simulcasts in the Live
Support Room every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9pm EST.

You will find the instructions to download the Live Support Room in
your Back Office under the "Marketing Tools" module.

Live Support will continue to be in the Live Support Room on an
intermittent basis; however, the regularly scheduled times currently offered
are now discontinued.

Live Support is also available by any of the following methods:

eVoice: 501-644-5190
eFax: 650-297-6194
Skype IM: ptclivesupport
MSN IM: ptclivesupport
Yahoo IM: ptchelpdesk

The PTC Support Team
Platinum Travel Club

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Premium Vacation Packages:

Platinum Travel Club markets Premium Vacation Packages to worldwide destinations. Customers may purchase fabulous Vacation Packages that include Cruises, Luxury Hotels, All Inclusive Resort packages. You will enjoy luxury vacations in the Caribbean, Mexico Riviera, Hawaii, Las Vegas and many more worldwide destinations.

1) 8 Days and 7 nights Resort Condominium Vacation!
This Resort Vacation Package entitles 2 adults to enjoy one full week of accomodations in a deluxe condominium. Choose from hundreds of locations worldwide, including Europe, Asia, Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., Canada, South America and more!
This incredible value can take you to the best ski locations, scuba and snorkel, or golf locations throughout the world. Plan your special week now!

2) 4 Days & 3 Nights Avalon Vacation Club Choose from 4 paradise Mexico Avalon all inclusive resorts to enjoy an unforgettable vacation for 2 adults.

3) Bahamas Getaway for 2 PLUS Daytona Beach / Orlando Vacation. 2 Adults will travel to Grand Bahama Island from The Port of Ft. Lauderdale Florida, via Cruise ship and get a 4 day 3 night stay at a hotel on Grand Bahama Island. You will also get a 3 day 2 night stay in either Daytona Beach or Orlando Florida.

4) Get up and Go. 3 days 2 nights in your choice of 21 different U.S. locations!

5) Royal Caribbean Cruise
With this PTC Vacation package you'll be able to fly from any major U.S. domestic international airport to either Orlando, Florida (just 35 minutes drive from Port Canaveral) or Los Angeles and enjoy 2 nights of hotel accomodations prior to or after your cruise departure. Your choice of a 4 full nights or 3 full nights on a Royal Caribbean Cruise sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida to Nassau and CocoCay Bahamas.

6) 5 Days 4 Nights for 2 adults on the Island of Oahu. Welcome to Oahu, the Gathering Place, home to fabled Waikiki Beach - and so much more.

7) Fly Away 'n' Play .... Escape Destinations! The choice is yours ... Sit back and dream about how much fun you could have! Whether it's playing 'on the strip', riding all the crazy rides, being a Star or ... just indulging in adventure, a pampering spa or a live show, your destinations include: Las Vegas, Orlando or Los Angeles,

8) VIP Hawaiian Holiday begin with this trip for 2 adults to Honolulu, HI that includes roundtrip airfare, plus 2 nights hotel accommodations, and 7 night stay in a luxury resort condominium. Departing from Los Angeles or San Francisco this trip captures it all!

Please refer :

Saturday, May 06, 2006


The Platinum FusionMatrix™ is based on a very easy to understand and powerful 2x3 Recycling Follow-Me Forced Filled Matrix

The 4 ways your Platinum FusionMatrix™ can be filled over and over again are:
1. Your personal enrollees - Team Members (No afford in sponsoring if your buy Ad Pack and optin Team Leader Program.
2. Your Team Members' personal enrollees
3. Help from Above - The Members Two Level Above You
4. Help from Platinum Travel Club Corporate Position.

The payments from the people on the 1st Level of your FusionMatrix™ go to the person two Levels above you.
The payments from the people on the 2nd Level of your FusionMatrix™ go the person one Level above you.
The payments from the 8 people on the 3rd Level of your FusionMatrix™ go to YOU, and complete your FusionMatrix™.

1) $300 Bronze FusionMatrix™ Vacation Package Income
$2,400 Total Payments (8 x $300)
2) $1250 Gold FusionMatrix™Vacation Package Income
$10,000 Total Payments (8 x $1,250)
3) $3000 PlatinumFusionMatrix™Vacation Package Income
$24,000 Total Payments (8 x $3,000)
$23,125* Earnings in your pocket Cycling just once on all 3 Levels.

*Utilizing Platinum Travel Club’s Team Leaders to do all your selling and closing for you, you’ll earn $20,850 cycling just once through all 3 Levels – spontaneous, automated income over and over again!

2. 75% PAYOUT

Visit here Platinum Travel Club Movie:

Friday, May 05, 2006

Team Leader program -- Proven Concept! Platinum Travel Club New PTC Marketing System!

Majority of the online biz opportunity seekers facing difficulties in recruiting and closing the sales. PTC realized this problem and designed a revolutionary proven system so called Team Leader System and Ads Packs for you to overcome this problem and make sure anybody can make a living online totally passive. This system is awesome and automatic pilot! We will discuss Team Leader System today and ads packs tomorrow.

How Team Leader system works?

1) You purchase a PTC Ad Packs, and joining the Team Leader Program. Each Ad Pack will deliver fresh premium pre-qualified leads to your PTC Marketing System Website. *Once you are utilizing The Team Leader Program, you cannot Opt Out. This is a permanent decision*.

2) When a visitor to your new PTC Marketing Machine™ website capture page fills out the form, you will receive an email with their contact information. When the Prospect requests a Team Leader Contact Call, you will be notified by email with all of their information. If you have Opted In to The Team Leader Program, a Team Leader will follow up with your Prospect and you will be notified of the results. Platinum Travel Club will automatically send a series of emails to follow up with your Prospects. These emails will contain your Contact Information and provide the Prospect with additional information regarding PTC.
The Team Leaders will follow up and sign-up your new Team Members for you.

3) You'll never have to Close your sales again! You never have to Cold Call, Prospect, recruit or close your sales again!

4) When a Team Leader closes a sale for you, your new Member will follow you onto your Fusion Matrices. There is NO upfront cost for The Team Leader Program.

5) You will be provided with full statistics regarding your PTC Marketing Machine™ website. You will be able to track visitors and access your prospects name, email address and phone number. You will also be able to track and identify prospects that have become your Team Members.

6) However, If you Opt In to The Team Leader Program, EVERY TIME you Cycle and Complete a FusionMatrix™, One-half of One Position Payment will be Paid to The Team Leader Pool.

$150 on the $300 Bronze FusionMatrix™,$625 on the $1250 Gold FusionMatrix™ , $1500 on the $3000 Platinum FusionMatrix™

Anyway, It is advisable you to OPT IN to The Team Leader Program. Be realistic about your abilities and your time!

Finally, The Key to the Success of your Business is Effective Advertising. You can put your business on automatic pilot simply by purchasing PTC Ad Packs, and joining the Team Leader Program.

That’s all for today. Have a nice day

For further info and Request your FREE Gift here. Thanks

Monday, May 01, 2006

Why Join Platinum Travel Club?

Welcome to Platinum Travel Club (PTC) - NEW LIFE MAY 3, 2006!
Why Join Platinum Travel Club (PTC)



Sit Back and Watch Your Business Explode When You Tap into

The Platinum Travel Club Powerful Marketing Machine™!

From our team Leader:

The new pay model. PTC has now put together a complete turnkey marketing solution which means that we as associates purchase a PTC Ad Pack which allows us to utilize Platinum Travel Club’s Team Leaders to do all the selling and closing for us, you'll earn $20,850 cycling just once through all 3 Levels – spontaneous, automated income over and over again!

This new business model will allow us to continually maximize our efforts and maximize our time. PTC is committed to be successful for them and for us the members. They have made this the easiest and best home based business ever!! , We will do NO selling, No prospecting, No closing the sale. It just doesn't get any better.

Click Here for further information and Request your Free bonus Gift!

Platinum Travel Club has designed a revolutionary new marketing system called The PTC Marketing Machine™. The Marketing System includes a dynamic, powerful marketing website and the new PTC Team Leader Program. The Marketing Website is included with your first $300 Vacation Package and your Platinum Travel Club Membership and has a value of $299 per year.

Platinum Travel Club has built a Revolutionary Marketing Machine that literally Guarantees Your Profit!
When Platinum Travel Club Launches May 3rd, experience this Powerful Marketing System, The New Team Leader Program
(They will do ALL your Closing for YOU!), and The PTC AD Pack Program!
These are the 3 Elements of The Marketing Machine

Platinum Travel Club markets Premium Vacation Packages to worldwide destinations. Customers may purchase fabulous Vacation Packages that include Cruises, Luxury Hotels, All Inclusive Resort packages. You will enjoy luxury vacations in the Caribbean, Mexico Riviera, Hawaii, Las Vegas and many more worldwide destinations.

Join our new Team Leader Program, drive traffic to your new PTC Marketing Machine™ with our Ad Packs and/or your own advertising and automate your income!

You'll never have to Close your sales again!

The Team Leaders will follow up and sign-up your new Team Members for you.

In nutsell:
The PTC Marketing Machine™.
1)$23,125* Earnings in your pocket Cycling just once on all 3 Levels.

2)New PTC Team Leader Program. *Utilizing Platinum Travel Club’s Team Leaders to do all your selling and closing for you, you’ll earn $20,850 cycling just once through all 3 Levels – spontaneous, automated income over and over again! In nutsell, Team Leader program- You register for this program and you bring leads to them and they close the deal for you.

3)Ads pack. They will be leads packages that all the leads are extremely interested in this program and the chances of them join this program is high. Search Engine
AdvertisingNewspaper, Magazine & Ezine Advertising, Exclusive Real Time Leads, E-Mail Advertising Campaigns, Targeted Direct Mail, Post Cards, etc. You just come out money, the Team leaders will do the rest to close the leads. Thats all.

4)The Powerful Marketing System : The Platinum FusionMatrix™ is TOTALLY FLAWLESS and COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. Recycling Follow-Me Forced Filled Matrix. $23,125* Earnings in your pocket Cycling just once on all 3 Levels.

Click here How Fusion Matrix works?

When a Team Leader closes a sale for you, your new Member will follow you, onto your current Bronze FusionMatrix™. If they join at additional Levels ($1,250 and $3,000), they will follow you, if you are on those Levels.

Click Here to review the Detailed Earnings Worksheet

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